Moth Busters Fundraiser May 1

Come join us to support Yarmouth Community Services efforts to make our public spaces free of Browntail Moth!

Gather Restaurant

Wednesday, May 1st 2019

5:30PM-8:30PM  (come when you can during this time)

Amazing buffet, Silent Auctions, Raffles, Sponsorship opportunities, and more! 

$45.00 per ticket $15.00 for kids under 10. Take out available. Tickets on sale and sponsorship opportunities at YCS:


Main Street Level: This $100.00 Donation will go to help save the Main Street trees that have been infested by the Browntail Moth. These trees will need to be trunk injected due to the severity of damage done last year by the moths. There are over a dozen trees infested presently and many will need more than one sponsor due to their size.

The Sandy Point Beach Level: This $250.00 Donation will go toward the trees in the       Park. Due to its size and location, this area will need a combination of clipping, soil and tree injections.

Royal River Park Level: This $500.00 Donation will go toward the trees in the Royal River Park. Many of these trees are loaded with nests of caterpillars. Because of the park’s location along the water, treatments are limited to soil and trunk injections.

THE GOLDEN MOTH Level: This $1000.00 Donation is for the community member or business member who is able to donate and wants to make a BIG impact! You can choose where you would like to have your efforts made from the three areas listed above or you can leave it up to Yarmouth Community Services to decide!

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